Assignment # 2
Presentations on April 15, 2012 (Sunday)

Group Members
Title of the Paper
Arsalan Ansari, Rameez Anjum and Usman Sharif
Building Risk-Optimal Portfolio Using Evolutionary Strategies

Asad Ali
Computational intelligence approaches for pattern discovery in biological systems

Ali Raza
Human Assisted NeuroEvolutions

Arif Imran
From Computational Intelligence to Web Intelligence

Arif Imran
Computational Intelligence in Robotics and Automation

Asjad Saboor, Farzana Tajuddin, Ali Zohair
Cryptanalysis of DES using Computational Intelligence

Syed Aamir Ali, Arif Imran
A swarm intelligence approach to the early/tardy scheduling problem

Evolutionary Algorithms in Data Mining: Multi-Objective Performance Modeling for Direct Marketing

Shamaila Mahmood and Tahir Akhtar
Automatic Track Generation for High-End Racing Games Using Evolutionary Computation

Shamaila Mahmood
Human Motion Retrieval System Based on LMA Features Using Interactive Evolutionary Computation Method

Muhammad Asif
I propose an agent-based model of war and state-formation that exhibits power-law regularities.